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The Potential Foundation promotes the welfare of the youth by providing emotional, social and economic support to disadvantage communities. We will provide resources and services to communities that would otherwise not have access to them. We will impact the next generation by fostering meaningful and lawful opportunities for its youth.


We look to flourish our youth by first impacting their communities. We will build a presence within these disadvantage communities to make all resources readily available to the families. We will create a safe place for the youth to gather and obtain what they need. In addition, we will continually invest into the young adults as they transition into their post-secondary journey by remaining a consistent positive influence. We will yield a greater generation of graduates that are afforded the same opportunities because of our involvement in their lives. This is the future of The Potential Foundation.


*Building and consulting with youth centers with a focus on increasing programming and activities that will restore the community and provide  a "safe haven" to facilitate growth and change within the youth and their neighborhoods. 

*Teach young adults life skills that  establish positive work ethics, financial maturity and good health.

* To assist families with children between the ages of five to seventeen by providing resources, programs and financial support such as bill pay assistance, community restoration and free lunch initiatives for the youth.

*Emphasize the importance of post secondary education and equip young adults ages thirteen to seventeen with obtainable tools through workshops, college fairs/tours, and SAT/ACT Prep.


*To provide assistance to minority students in college in the form of mental, social and economic support. 

Maximizing the POTENTIAL of todays youth.

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