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Founding Executive Board

Pure Professionalism



Born in Louisiana and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Bayete Milhomme graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Packaging Sciences and minor in Leadership in Integrated Learning. Bayete has always had a great sense of pride for the city of Detroit, a city that was devastated by the 2008 recession. This pride quickly turned into responsibility which led to his work within the non-profit arena to assist the next generation. Bayete looks to extend his initiatives globally to help the individuals from similar communities facing hardships. 

Michael Swafford


Raised in Detroit, Michigan; Michael Swafford earned his bachelor's degree in Education and Marketing from Bowling Green State University. Through his relationships developed during his youth days in the city, Michael discovered his passion for community involvement and enrichment. To him, the community comes from an understanding that we must become real models/heroes to the youth, and investing in our children now will reap the reward later.



Nina was born in Louisiana, raised in Miami, Fl and came into her own in Detroit, Michigan. She has always had a nurturing and caring spirit.  Nina Byes graduated from Champlain University with a degree in Health Administration and a minor in Quality Management. It wasn’t until she reached back into her community, she began to realize the impact she had on the youth. As a cheerleading coach for 9 seasons she was able to change the lives of hundreds of young people. Little to her surprise she her cheerleaders and football players looked to her for support, stability and high expectations.

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